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The History of Scarborough Dojo

Scarborough Dojo was founded in February of 1993 by two good friends, Sensei Gerry Tobias and Sensei Jonathan Judah, both of whom at that time were Nidan (Second Degree Black Belt). Both Judah and Tobias are students of Sensei Jim Doherty who supported fully the formation of Scarborough Dojo. We gratefully acknowledge Doherty Sensei's continuing guidance and mentoring of our organization.

From it's initiation the goal of Scarborough Dojo was to provide a high quality Judo program to the young people of Scarborough, at a low cost. The focus was and has remained on young people. In fact, the motivating event in starting this club was the desire of Judah Sensei's young sons to begin practicing the sport. Our students have progressed with us from beginners, to Canadian championships, to roles as instructors and coaches. We are very proud of the achievements of our young people.

Judah Sensei began Judo in 1969 at the Halifax YMCA under the guidance of Sensei Austin Murray (Sankyu - Green Belt). Despite his relatively low rank, Murray Sensei was able to instill his great love of Judo into all of his students, and the Halifax YMCA Judo Club soon became one of the most important Judo clubs in Atlantic Canada. Murray Sensei's students went on to achieve a great deal, including Canadian Championships. Four students achieved Black Belts and are still active in Judo: Dave Carter, Mike Soares, Guy Easterbrook and Jonathan Judah. Murray Sensei retired from Judo with the rank of Nidan.

Jonathan Judah moved to Toronto in 1982 where he was pleased to be accepted as a student by Doherty Sensei. At Doherty Sensei's dojo, Judah got to know many fine athletes and developed many lasting friendships. One of these friends was Gerry Tobias. The partnership of Judah and Tobias began with Judo training, progressed through several Black Belt Gradings and eventually led to the founding of Scarborough Dojo.

Tobias Sensei is still participating in Judo as a senior advisor for our dojo. Judah Sensei fulfills the role of the chief officer of the Club, or Dojo Shu. Tobias Sensei presently holds the rank of Sandan (Third Degree Black Belt). Judah Sensei holds the rank of Yondan (Fourth Degree Black Belt).

Scarborough Dojo has prospered thanks to the support of parents, the City of Toronto, the great energy and commitment of our students and the support of the Judo Black Belt community. As of September 2009, seventeen of our members have achieved one or more Black Belt promotions, and twenty Black Belts are registered with Scarborough Dojo. Our students are now fulfilling roles as instructors and coaches. In doing so they are positioning Scarborough Dojo for even more success in the future.

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